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Our standard shooting stations offer a safe and comfortable platform for making your best shot. The deck is approximately 45" square and provides enough room for two, which is especially helpful for times when giving lessons.

Each station is made of powder coated steel components and reinforced cypress making them maintenance free and insect resistant. The platform is held in place with heavy duty screws underneath for a clean look. The sides of the station have cypress handrails with rounded over edges and corners.

The front of the station is almost 7' tall, giving ample room to cover the high targets. The station sits on two cypress 2x4's, allowing water or debris to flow under. And because it only sits 4" high, seniors and youths will have an easier time stepping onto and off the platform.

Supported on all four sides, our stations are both strong and stable. The stations are heavy duty, but can easily be moved by one person under most circumstances.

Hunting clubs and bird hunting plantations will find our shooting stations a safe and effective environment for evaluation of clients. The stations also provide entertainment for those days when hunters are impeded by inclement weather.

Made with pride in the USA! All stations are made to order by our experienced staff. Available in green. Custom colors may incure an additional charge. If you don't find what you need here, contact us for a custom made product!

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Other sporting club accessories we have available: standard shooting side table and wheelchair accessible shooting side table, gun stands, benches, tables, and water cooler stands.

A 10% discount is applied to orders of 10 or more of any one item.


  • Standard shooting station - $989 each
  • Standard shooting station with shutters - $1239 each
    The shutters are made of powder coated steel and are on hinges for easy removal and storage. The station with shutters allow shooters to keep shots from going too far left or right.
  • Standard shooting station with no flat tires - $1239 each
    This station with no flat tires have sealed bearings and allow clients the ability to easily move the station to another location.
  • Standard shooting station with roof - $1489 each
    The roof on this shooting station has a generous overhang and is made of powder coated steel.
  • Wheelchair accessible shooting station with detachable ramp - $1139 each. Without ramp - $939 each
    Our wheelchair accessible shooting station is spacious and open on both sides. The optional removable ramp is made of aluminium and has non-skid grooves for better grip. The gradual angle of the ramp allows individuals the ability to easily move on and off the shooting station. The open side allows a much wider shooting range.
Standard Shooting Station Standard Shooting Station Standard Shooting Station Shooting Station with Optional Roof Shooting Station with Optional Shutters Shooting Station with Optional Shutters and No Flat Tires Shooting Station with Optional No Flat Tires Wheelchair Accessible Shooting Station with Ramp Wheelchair Accessible Shooting Station Ramp