The water cooler stand is a great height for both kids and adults. The steel rods are welded into place to safely secure a 5-gallon water cooler. A bottom shelf provides ample space for a trash can or additional storage for cups.

This design is built using cypress wood and powder coated steel or King StarboardĀ® and powder coated steel. We have priced the cypress wood stands at $235 and the King StarboardĀ® at $315.

Show off your high school or college spirit by using one of our stands in your school colors at your next sporting event!

Hitt Designs,Inc. is in the developmental phase of creating a water cooler stand in Stainless Steel.

If you don't find what you need here, contact us for a custom made product!

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Other sporting club accessories we have available: shooting stations, standard shooting side table and wheelchair accessible shooting side table, gun stands, benches, water cooler stands, and tables.

A 10% discount is applied to orders of 10 or more of any one item.

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